I completed the form. When do I get suggestions for a tandem partner?

The idea of our website is to offer tandem enthusiasts a platform to find a tandem partner on their own. Simply search the page, ‚Tandem-Partner finden‚ for a language partner and then contact them directly via our website.

What languages ​​other than my mother tongue should I offer?

Only offer languages as your ‚mother tongue‘ that you can teach to others. For example,  you don’t have to be an expert to teach Arabic because most people who want to speak it are beginners. For English on the other hand it is advisable to be a native speaker or come close to that in terms of proficiency.

I can not find a tandem partner. What should I do?

Have you already registered on the page ‚Steckbrief erstellen‚? We also organize a party every semester. You can find your tandem partner there. Also check out our Facebook page!

What is the fastest way to find a tandem partner in my target language?

Have you tried out the „search“ widget on our site? Just enter your target language and receive all tandem requests for the respective language.

Am I allowed to search for a new tandem partner if I already had one?

Of course. Tandem partners do not always match perfectly. Talk to your current tandem partner about your situation, maybe he/she thinks the same way.

May I have several tandem partners at the same time?

That is also no problem.

What should I talk about with my tandem partner?

This is completely up to you. If you want to concentrate on learning a language, have a look at the exercise sheets of Seagull.

Where should I meet with my tandem partner?

This is also your decision. Good places are e.g. the cafeteria or library.


If you have any further questions, please write an e-mail to tandem.rih@uni-rostock.de.